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Double Standard for Family Law Cases in New Jersey

Double Standard for Family Law Cases in New Jersey Parents in New Jersey are afforded a separate legal process depending on whether they are married or not.  New Jersey has long utilized a separate docket for unmarried parents litigating custody and support issues (“FD” Docket) as opposed to married parents litigating those same issues (“FM” […]

Think about Therapy

Think about therapy The divorce process is stressful and confusing. Divorcing a spouse is often said to be as stressful as the death of a loved one. When spouses argue about issues of custody, support and dividing their marital assets and liabilities, it is easy for one or both to be overwhelmed. This stress and […]

CDC Divorce Statistics

CDC Divorce Statistics Link to the Center for Disease Control’s summary of marriages as compared to divorces and annulments.  It is interesting to note that, apparently, divorces and annulments have been in decline from 2000 to 2011 (although the data excludes certain states such as California and Indiana).